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A Word from Steve Abernathy

                                            By Steve Abernathy, COO, WFCA

        Warm greetings as we celebrate CFI’s 30th anniversary! Three decades of relentless dedication,
        innovation, and camaraderie have brought us to this remarkable milestone.
        In 1993, Jim Walker, along with a small group of visionary individuals, embarked on a mission that would
        forever shape the landscape of the flooring industry. Their goal was clear: to identify and train installers
        with an unwavering commitment to excellence. This humble beginning, with a few short courses,
        focused on carpet installation training, laid the foundation for what CFI has become today.
        Currently, we offer courses on every flooring type and for every level of expertise, ranging from
        intensive one-day courses to comprehensive five-week programs. CFI has experienced a remarkable
        year of growth and achievement, marked by soaring training enrollment and an impressive surge
        in memberships. To date, our impact has extended to a substantial number of individuals, each
        embodying the spirit of excellence in the industry.
        As we move forward, I’m thrilled to share exciting updates with you. Scheduled for September,
        this year’s convention is poised to be a significant event centered around our theme of “Elevate.”
        Our partnership with FCICA further amplifies its importance, enhancing our collective knowledge,
        networking, and growth opportunities. I urge you to secure your spot now to be part of a
        transformative experience that will not only deepen your connection with our association but also
        elevate your engagement, playing a pivotal role in shaping our collective journey forward.
        A foundational cornerstone of CFI is investing in the future of our industry. We’ve continued fostering
        collaborations with colleges, organizations like Build My Future, and other industry stakeholders as
        essential components of our strategic approach to empowering and nurturing the next generation.
        We are actively overseeing the four regional installation competitions, culminating at The International
        Surface Event (TISE) in January. These competitions serve as platforms to showcase exceptional
        craftsmanship and inspire the aspiring flooring professionals of tomorrow. The competitions stand as
        a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and provide a prominent stage to recognize
        the skills of seasoned professionals.
        In closing, as we stand at the threshold of a new era for CFI, I am filled with optimism and excitement
        for the path ahead. The journey of the past 30 years has been marked by resilience, growth, and
        unwavering commitment. Together, we will continue to shape the future of the flooring industry, setting
        new standards of excellence and innovation.
        Thank you for your dedication and support!

                                                                                     - Steve Abernathy

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