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Sherwin-Williams Teams Up

                              With Schönox for Challenging

                              Gym Subfloor Project

           COVER               By Markus Boppre, Regional Business Manager, Schönox HPS North America

                hile inspecting the gym floor project at the
                upscale Rush Apartments near UNC Charlotte,
        WGrey Giovanine, sales and operations manager
        with Sherwin-Williams, noted a number of subfloor issues.
        The gypsum subfloor under the floor covering cracked
        and popped with each step. Deflection and movement of
        the plywood panels below the gypsum could be felt and
        seen. The subfloor had proven no match for the exercise
        equipment and weights within the second-floor gym. Rush
        Apartments needed a subfloor renovation up to standard
        with the facility’s luxury housing and outstanding amenities,
        including its gym.

        Giovanine and Sherwin-Williams worked with S&E Flooring
        to evaluate the project needs. The issues went beyond the
        subfloor to the structural underpinning beneath. The floor
        joists currently placed on 24” centers covered with ¾”
        plywood did not perform well for the gym environment.
        Intense point load impacts as well as high loads shifting
        across the floor surface informed the project planning.   The heavily damaged gypsum and plywood subfloor were
        The team decided to remove both the gypsum layer and    removed and 2x4 bracing installed to prevent flexing of the
        plywood to expose the joists below. Once the excavation was   subfloor due to the extreme traffic and loading in the gym space.
        complete, two by four bracing was added between all joists
        to protect against flexing of the new plywood sheeting.
        With a new plywood surface now in place above reinforced
        floor joists, Giovanine and the team considered the best   matching the previous installation, and incredible subfloor
        pathway forward to avoid the subfloor issues present at the   strength, of course.
        start of the project. Giovanine contacted Markus Boppre,
        Regional Business Manager with Schönox HPS North    The integrated Schönox Renotex® 3D system checked all
        America, to consult on the project. Many issues and project   the boxes for the project. The system creates a floating
        imperatives affected their process, including the needs for a   construction, utilizing ½ inch sound insulation sheets
        fire rating for the subfloor, sound insulation, a subfloor height   covered with the Renotex 3D multi-dimensional glass fiber
                                                            reinforcement fabric followed by Schönox AP Rapid Plus
                                                            self-leveling compound with hybrid active-dry technology.
                                                            Acoustical objectives (dIIC 25) are achieved along with an
                                                            exceptionally strong, smooth surface with the fire rating in
                                                            place (R38619).
                                                            The Schönox Renotex 3D system is ideal for multifamily
                                                            facility projects where a number of subfloor needs converge
                                                            with the added benefit of a floating construction. The gym
                                                            project here in Charlotte demonstrated the resilience of the
                                                            system and the wide-ranging issues the system can address. Photos courtesy of Schönox HPS North America

                                                            The project’s new plywood surface was vacuumed to remove
                                                            any construction debris. Poly sheeting was spread across
          Poly sheeting with a class 1 vapor rating was put in place and edges   the subfloor. The barrier decouples the subfloor from the
           taped across all areas, protecting the plywood substrate below.  materials to be placed above it and retards vapor when
                                                            needed from beneath the subfloor. The poly sheeting was
                                                            loose-laid over the surface and the seams of the sheeting
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